Boxing Day quiz: what do these names have in common?

  • Jack Reacher
  • James Bond
  • Jason Bourne
  • Jack Bauer
  • John Connor
  • Jack Ryan
  • John Carter

One Comment

  • Roger Darlington

    All of these are male action hero characters from literature or cinema or both.

    In every case, the first name begins with the letter ‘J’. In all but one case, the first name is a single syllable, usually John or Jack which is actually the same name.

    The family name shows a little more variety – but not much. In three of the seven cases, the first letter is ‘B’. In three of the seven cases, the names end in ‘er’.

    What’s the lesson of this unscientific analysis? That if you’re creating a male action hero for your book or film, there is a formula for doing so. Perhaps you can create your own name for us.


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