The American presidential election (52)

The rise and rise of Barack Obama continues … Many comparisons have been made with John F Kennedy and certainly such a reference is not lost on Obama’s chief strategic David Axelrod who was inspired by JFK at the early age of five as explained in this profile.
Personally I think that Obama has the potential to become an even greater figure than JFK. Kennedy came from an incredibly wealthy and powerful political dynasty, whereas Obama has come from a genuinely humble economic background; becoming the first Catholic in the White House was special, but not as ground-breaking as being the first black in the West Wing; JFK never wrote books as thoughtful as “Dreams From My Father” and “The Audacity Of Hope”.
Kennedy was brilliantly cool and decisive in the Cuba missile crisis of 1962, but much of the mythology of his greatness is coloured by his premature death from an assassin’s bullets. All decent-minded people around the world hope earnestly that Obama’s security is as thorough as humanly possible, because this man truly has the mark of greatness about him in a way I have never seen in my lifetime.


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