Riding high in post-Olympic London

Earlier this week, I saw my good friend Jen with her baby boy James who is almost two and therefore just a few months older than my granddaughter. At Jen’s suggestion, we went on the Emirates Air Line cable car which opened just before the Olympics and it was terrific fun with great views of the O2 building, the Thames Barrier, the Olympic Stadium, Canary Wharf and London City airport. You can see some photographs of the cable car on the web site and here are some of ours:

“Come on, Uncle Roger. I want to get going.”

“Whooo, whooo … this is fun, mum.”

Next challenge: walking across the top of the O2 building

The cable car runs between North Greenwich and the Royal Docks. On the north side, there is a new building called The Crystal which has been designed to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the world. It will open to the public at the end of this month.

I visited the O2 building three times when it was called the Millennium Dome and housed special exhibitions to mark the year 200o and last year I attended at film festival at the location. Jen and I had a good lunch there after our cable car ride  – there are lots of cafes and restaurants – but I want to go back one day to take advantage of the opportunity to walk across the top of this iconic building [details here – check out the video!].


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