Why are Western embassies being attacked around the Muslim world?

“The maelstrom of anti-western violence in the Arab world has little to do with an anti-Islam propaganda film released on YouTube. It has more to do with decades of perceived western imperialism – and the organisational skills of the Salafis, known for their no-compromise, literal interpretation of the faith.”

This is the opening of a short but insightful piece seeking to explain the violence currently bursting out in so many Muslin nations.

One Comment

  • Nick

    Have I got this straight?

    Decades of perceived western imperialism; grinding poverty and injustice; the organisational skills of the Salafis.

    Result: A few thousand people in the streets.

    An insult to a prophet, who may or may not have lived about 14 centuries ago.

    Result: 100 million people in the streets.

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.


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