Roger in trouble (1)

It’s not me (this time) – but it has involved me. It’s the case of the South Wales postman Roger Annies who has been suspended by Royal Mail for advising customers on his round how to stop receiving what RM calls door-to-door, that is unaddressed and unsolicited mail.
Today I’ve done three media interviews on the matter in my capacity as a member of the Council of Postwatch, the consumer watchdog for postal services.
My line in these interviews has been that it not for Postwatch to comment on a disciplinary case involving an individual in Royal Mail. Our position is that we favour consumer choice.
Some customers don’t mind receiving what the public calls direct mail and business calls direct mail, especially if it is targeted to their interests, and all customers benefit from the fact that the continued growth in direct mail keeps down overall postal prices. However, others – such as myself – don’t want this mail and can register not to receive it. There is information on this on the Postwatch website.
Footnote (30/8/06): I’ve done another four media interviews on this subject today, making a grand total of 22 interviews that I’ve done for Postwatch in the last few weeks. Sorry if you’ve been too much exposed to this …


  • Brett Nieland

    What can people in the US to help?

  • Mavis

    What surprised me about the case, was the lack of knowledge by the public on how to stop this junk mail. I stopped mine over 8 years ago and two years later unwanted telephone calls.
    I do not think I would have jeopardised my workplace profits by advising people how not to use the service.