It’s a SOAP – but not as you know it

During his six and half weeks living with us in London, my 24 year old Czech mate and medical student Vojta – on a traineeship at the Great Ormond Street Hospital – accompanied me to a numberof films, but he was frankly incredulous when I declared that the last one we would see together before he flew back to Prague should be “Snakes On A Plane”. I was convinced though that this would become a cult classic and I wanted to see it as soon as possible.
“SOAP” was such fun – so bad that it’s really rather good. You can check out my review. Many other reviews have been suprisingly favourable and it’s hard to disagree with Gregory Weinkauf when at the end of his review he opines that: “Truly, this is the greatest movie about snakes on a plane ever made so far!”
I am sure that I’m correct in my sociological assessment that this movie will become a cult. There will be many plays on, and use of, the brilliant title. Already the movie’s monika has become a colloquial term along the lines of “Whatever” or even something ruder.

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