NightHawk flies again!

NightHawk – the personal blog named after my father-in-law – has been down for a week, the worst interruption since I started it over three years ago. I’m really sorry for this.
The problem has been the hosting company I’ve used. Its old server was being hacked, increasingly causing problems for my web site and two blogs. I was assured that moving everything to a new server would solve all the problems, but instead it had the effect of making everything totally inaccessible to both you and me.
So, with enormous help from my good friend Eric Lee, I’ve moved everything to a new hosting organisation. In the process, my blogs have ceased to use pmachine and gone over to Movabletype. It will probably take a little time for things to settle down to normal, but meanwhile many thanks for your patience and support.
Please keep visiting regularly and encourage friends to do so too.


  • Dana

    Did you lose all of your posts? I’m really sorry about that.

  • Roger Darlington

    My friend is working on this, Dana. I hope that we don’t lose all the previous posts because there were over 2,5000 of them! Fingers crossed …

  • Manh Phong

    Your post is an unvaluable asset for not only you but the web community also. I hope you can recover it all soon. Have you ever think of publishing a book with your posts? It’s must be a very thick book. 🙂