Life can be a pain

For several months now, I’ve had a recurrent and persistent pain in my right shoulder.
Usually with pains and other ailments, I take the view that they will either get better (in which case fine) or they will get worse (in which case I’ll go to the doctor) – and fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, things sort themselves out. In this case though, while the situation did not get worse, it did not get better either.
So this morning, I did finally go to the doctor. He quickly came to a diagnosis. Apparently it’s something called cervical spondylosis. No cure, no treatment, but not serious or threatening – just painful. I suppose I am 60 in a couple of months …


  • Claire

    I have just come upon this site whilst looking for something quite different entirely! I googled “How to be Healthy” in an attempt to find out more about living on a Raw Food diet. I saw your “How To be Happy” page, and found it quite fascinating – that someone had actually tried to articulate what society strives for, but never dared ask.
    Anyway, i am continuing to read through your site, and just wanted to say Hello!
    Claire 🙂

  • Mavis Smith

    No need to suffer constant pain – buy a Tens machine – prices vary Boots have them.
    Second, acupuncture helps in most cases. Worth a shot, but make sure you get a registered one.

  • Jerry Baker

    Your comments remind me of something my friend Hari Shankar told me yesterday. He said his wife, Rekha, had a pain in one shoulder and I think also in her upper arm on that side.
    He asked for my advice, and I told him I’d ask Jaine Benson, a friend who knows about such things. I had forgotten about that, until now.
    Hari and his wife are both natives of India. He is retired from teaching math, at the college, here, and she is an accountant.
    I’ll have to ask Jaine, about that.


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