Walk To Work Day

This morning, it took me an incredible 2 hours 20 minutes to reach my meeting at Post Office Headquarters in central London where, as the Chairman of Postwatch Greater London, I was putting the case for the withdrawal of certain proposed post office closures.
I was doing fine until I reached Baker Street underground station. Then we had to leave the train because of a signal failure at Moorgate. I was trying to find another tube route to my destination at Old Street when there was an emergency evacuation of Baker Street station.
There were masses of passengers milling around and walking off and there was simply no way that I could find a free taxi in the vicinity. In the end, I walked all the way to Kings Cross before I was able to find a taxi which then inched its way through congested streets.
As soon as I encountered trouble on the London Underground – one of the occasional joys of living and working in the capital – I used my IPhone to connect to the Net and access the web site of Transport for London. I found that today is ‘Walk To Work Day’. What an irony!

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