Our 30th wedding anniversary celebration

Tomorrow Vee and I will have been married 30 years and today we celebrated the event with lots of family and friends. The stylish venue was the Music Room at the Grim’s Dyke Hotel – the former country residence of Sir William Gilbert – in Harrow Weald near to where we live in north-west London.

There were a total of 44 of us there. My family came from Winchester, Leicester and Manchester and Vee’s family came from Twickenham, Egham, Felpham and Cardiff. Most of our friends came from London and its surroundings, but two of our dearest friends – Jan and Ericka – flew over from Prague. It was a very mixed gathering with people originally from Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, the United States, South Africa and China. There were six children including our beautiful granddaughter Catrin.

Our son Richard proposed a toast to us with an hilarious speech which made lots of fun of me and expressed warm thanks to Vee. I made a short, humorous  response explaining how Vee and I had first got together. Two of the children – Saskia (8) and Joshua (4) – gave us little performances.

We took along our wedding photographs from 1982 so that people could see how much we had changed or not. My talented brother Chris took lots of photographs and will be making up a CD for us with a slideshow of pictures set to classical music.

It was a wonderful, wonderful occasion. We are blessed with marvellous families and such supportive friends and it was a delight to share our celebration with them and see them interacting with each other.


  • David Rowe

    Sharon and I had a lovely time today with you all. Well done and happy anniversary.


  • Emma Riding

    Congratulations Roger and Vee. Glad to hear you have enjoyed your day. Sorry we missed it. Sending you both lots of love. Emma, Dom, Harvey and George xxx

  • Janet

    Congratulations to you both; may you share many more happy years!

  • Trish Hughes

    So wonderful to see people celebrating many years together, congratulations to you both. Hope there are many more happy and healthy years to come. Love Trish & Gavin.

  • Dan Filson

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary, and good to see Richard has the art of speech-making (and is carving a place in politics too) – and do you know I had completely forgotten you had any siblings – somehow I had thought you were an only child.

  • Carrie Biggs-Adams

    Congratulations to you both! Sounds like it was great good fun!

  • Tahir

    Vee n Roger


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