The American presidential election (7)

As regular readers of NightHawk will know, I’ve been a big fan of Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama since even before he entered the US Senate. Today’s “Guardian G2” section devotes no less than nine pages to the man – examining the theme of what African-Americans think of Obama.
The main article is by author and scriptwriter Candace Allen who puts it this way:

“For me, and for many I’ve worked with or spoken to, it’s not so much the specifics of the man’s programmes that have garnered our profound support. Obama is a very smart man who has spent much time specifically considering the challenges that afflict us: foreign policy, healthcare, education, social security. It is his willingness and proven ability to work with all parties to solve even the most intractable problems, his “naive” determination to speak with our enemies as well as our friends, with those who fervently disagree with him on domestic matters, as well as those who share his approach, that fuels our drive to make this happen.”

You can read the full article here.


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