PiP and me (3)

When I was the independent Chair of the Internet Watch Foundation, I often did a couple of media interviews on the same day and once did four on the same subject. However, today I set a new personal record. In my new capacity as a member of the Council of Postwatch, I’ve been speaking to radio and televison about a new pricing system for our mail called Pricing in Proportion or PiP which comes into effect today. In the course of the day, I did a total of nine media interviews.
It all started at 4.45 am when my alarm went. I was picked up at 5.30 am and driven to the ITV studios on London South Bank to give interviews to GMTV at around 6.15 am and 7.10 am. Then, over at 4 Millbank, in the course of the morning I did no less than six further interviews – radio and television, recorded and live, in front of the interviwer and down the line. Finally at 4.35 pm – now back at home – I did LBC’s “Drivetime” programme.
Prior to today, I had already spoken to the media five times on PiP, so all together I’ve now done 14 media interviews on the subject. It’s good job that I could check out advice on “How To Have A Good Media Interview”.
If Pricing in Proportion has taught me anything, it is that size does matter.


  • Janet

    I have just sent my first two items by mail under the Pip regime. Both were cheaper than they would have been last week – but I don’t expect the honeymoon to last long!

  • Roger Darlington

    That’s good news, Janet. Keep me posted!

  • Nick

    There was very little mention, other than in the Sunday Telegraph, that this change was necessitated by an EU directive (directive 97/67/EC) to liberalise EU markets, in this case by harmonising postal services across the EU. I suppose the Post Office thought it would be a bad PR move to emphasise that!