Are we winning the global war on drugs?

Well, what do you think? And, while you’re considering the question, bear in mind the following figures:

  • There are now around 250 million drug users worldwide.
  • The illicit drugs industry is now worth an estimated $450 billion a year.
  • An estimated 10 million people are in prison worldwide for drug-related offences.

Clearly the current approach has failed and we need radical new thinking. This is the approach behind theĀ Global Initiative for Drug Policy Reform that was launched at the House of Lords this week.

One Comment

  • Mavis


    You may be able to help me out here. But I recall that up to the late fifties or early sixties, drug were not illegal in this country and therefore we had little or no problems with dealers.

    Why we ever try and prohibit something – it just them gives the criminals something to deal with. The USA should have learned the lesson early on with alcohol prohibition, which just did not work.

    If you enter employment in a biscuit or sweet factory, you are told you can eat as much as you like, after four days, nobody eats anything they are producing.

    Human nature is odd, tell us we can’t have it, then we want it.


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