My world has changed

In the beginning, I had an iPod; then I was a very early adopter of the iPhone; and then I was an immediate adopter of the iPad. Today I finally went over to Apple totally by abandoning the world of the PC and switching to a Mac computer.

I’ve had my latest PC for six years and it has been getting slower and slower and freezing far too often. The Mac should change my world. It’s actually a Mac Mini and I’ve supplemented this with an Apple keyboard, an Apple Magic Mouse and a Samsung monitor.

So everything is different and I’ve a lot to learn – but, heh, I’m already blogging fine so I’m on the way.

Of course, I couldn’t have done any of this on my own. My IT guru and very good friend Eric Lee has spent the day here, setting everything up and transferring everything from the PC to the Mac. Actually it would have been a quicker process if the guy at my local branch of Currys (Neville, you know who you are) had understood more about the requirements of Mac users.

So, thanks a million, Eric – and friends please bear with me if I don’t get everything right with my blogs and the web site or my e-mails in the next few weeks.


  • Trevor Anderson

    Welcome Aboard! I’ve had Macs as my main home computer since the mid-90s and have enjoyed every minute. My daughter is a journalist and when she was at Uni, the old Amstrad PC, on which she and her brothers had used for A-levels, was dying. So, I asked her about the Macs she used at college. She said: Dad they are terrific. If you’re not sure what to do on them, just do it and it works! I’ve just enjoyed the wonderful experience of using them.
    So, you enjoy yours. You’ll always wonder why you didn’t change sooner. Trevor.

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks for the encouragement, Trevor. It’s been a challenging weekend – but I’m getting there.


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