Welcome to Sarajevo

A week ago, I was in Sarajevo for a weekend break with my sister Silvia. I’ve now written up an account for my web site and included 24 photographs.
Usually my holidays are all about enjoying local architecture and culture with little opportunity or need to focus on politics, but this trip was different. Every corner of this city and this society has been scarred by the war of 1992-1995 when Serb forces attempted to extinguish Bosnian aspirations for independence.
The people we met there – both Bosniak and Serb – were keen to share their experiences and perceptions. They felt – rightly, I believe – that people outside former Yugoslavia do not really appreciate what happened in the war and the challenges that the country still faces.
So I hope that you will want to read my modest contribution to a greater understanding of Bosnia’s past and present. You can check it out here.