The new president of Zambia

Seven years ago, I spent a few days in Zambia when I was on holiday at Victoria Falls [see my account of the visit here]. Vee and I befriended our hotel chambermaid – who is now a teacher – and we are still in regular touch with her.

So I was struck by the news this week that Zambia has elected a new president – the 74 year old Michael Sata – and the message from our young friend in Zambia that she voted for him. It is a tribute to Zambians and a contrast with much of Africa that they have changed presidents and parties in a democratic election.

Michael Sata once worked at Victoria Station in central London. He has been a member of three political parties and this was his fourth presidential bid. Known as ‘King Cobra’, he is a striking and controversial figure and you can read more about him here.


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