A sad farewell to Gaby’s Deli

OK, I’m back – I’ve been in Lisbon with my sister for four days. I returned yesterday and today Vee went off to the Czech Republic for two weeks. So I’ll be spending even more time than usual in cafes and restaurants. But one of my favourites will soon be no more.

It’s been there for 46 years and I’ve been frequenting it regularly for 40 years – but I’ve just heard the sad news that  Gaby’s Deli in Charing Cross Road in central London is to close.

The place means so much to me emotionally that I set my first short story there – see “Making A Difference”.

Footnote (23/9/11): I’ve learned that there’s a Facebook campaign to keep Gaby’s open and there an online petition which I’ve signed (I am number 1061).

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