Ever heard of the Jena Six?

No, neither had I – until an American friend drew my attention to the case. It shows just how deep racial divisions still run in the United States. Check out an account here.
I wondered why I hadn’t heard of the case, since I read the “Guardian” which is the most liberal daily newspaper in Britain. So I checked the newspaper’s web site and found that the situation had been covered in an article, but this was published last Friday when I was away in Sarajevo – a city which still bears the physical and psychological scars of ethnic divisions.


  • Janet

    I first heard about this case on Radio 4 last Thursday night, and like you was really shocked. I did notice the apparent acceptance of a black underclass on my only visit to Louisiana (New Orleans, 2001) which I found surprising but had no idea feelings ran so deep.

  • Roger Darlington

    An up-date on this story: Mychal Bell has been released on bail – more information here.