Catrin & I brave a wet and windy London

My darling granddaughter Catrin – now almost eight months – is usually at nursery on weekdays but staff were on a training day today, so her mum and dad asked if I could help out.

It was my fourth babysitting duty with her. In some ways, it was the most challenging. It was the longest shift (10 am – 6 pm) and the weather in London was terrible (very windy and very wet).  We certainly kept busy: I fed her four times, I changed her twice, I read her eight books, and we had endless “Up in the air!” games. But Catrin was really wonderful and her good spirits made her an absolute joy to be with.

Also I was helped by being joined for three hours by my young friend Jennifer and her baby boy James who is just three months older than Catrin. We all had lunch together at the Royal Festival Hall and Catrin & James loved each other’s company. Then we braved the winds and took advantage of a dry spell to visit St James’s Park where both Catrin & James were fascinated by the ducks and the squirrels.

Catrin & James discuss the crisis in the financial markets
while tussling over an unsecured asset

“Yes, I’m having a wonderful time. Thank you.”

Catrin & Roger share a cuddle


  • Jennifer

    She is adorable – James told me so himself! he slept through that night (for once!) so I think he was having good dreams!

  • Roger Darlington

    Catrin slept through the night as well. I think that they both enjoyed themselves so much. I loved the day too. Thanks so much for coming into town.


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