Catrin’s visit to Wagamama

Today I indulged in one of my favourite activities: spending time with my gorgeous granddaughter Catrin (now seven and a half months).

I was supposed to be babysitting this evening so that her mum & dad could go out and visit friends, but I was advised early in the day that she had her first cold, she had slept badly, and mum & dad would not therefore be going out this evening. But I was invited to spend some time with Catrin and parents in the afternoon.

In spite of her cold, Catrin was in good spirits and gurgling happily. When we went out, we managed to dodge the showers and for the first time I carried Catrin in the sling with her facing out to the world.

We went for some lunch to a branch of Wagamama on London’s South Bank and Catrin had the odd noodle. Back at the flat, I read stories to Catrin before her dad gave her a bath (her favourite time of the day).

“Remind me again –
what are these child chopsticks for exactly?”

“I wonder why it’s called Wagamama
and not Wagadada?”

“I love it when granddad reads to me.”

One Comment

  • jody

    Catrin is gorgeous!!! lovely welsh name 🙂
    my DD is 8 months – it’s amazing how catrin has kept so clean at the dinner table lol! xxx


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