Sunday on the Hamble

This weekend, Vee and I visited my half-brother Chris and his partner Janine who live in South Wonston. This is a village situated about 4 miles north of Winchester on a chalk ridge overlooking beautiful countryside. Its population has grown to just over 2000 people. We were expecting rain but, other than a little on Saturday evening, there was none and today was totally dry and very sunny.
We drove out to a spot called Hamble-le-Rice which is located at the junction of the River Hamble and Southampton Sound. Hamble is a tiny place with a long history. There were dozens and dozens of boats of different types and colours making for a wonderful vista.
We walked though rain-sodden fields over to a point where we took a pink-coloured ferry called “Emily” over the a spot called Warsash.

The pink ferry from Hamble to Warsash

On the ferry: Chris, Roger, Janine, Vee

From here, we walked along a narrow spit of land out to the Universal Marine where we had lunch at Cafe Lulworth, a venue with excellent food and friendly service.

Chris & Janine at “Cafe Lulworth”

Roger’s dessert at “Cafe Lulwirth”

As we retraced our steps in late afternoon, the tide had gone out and the view was very different with shallow banks and old wrecks revealed and birds searching for grubs.
Such a different experience from the bustle of London …


  • alex

    what a lovely day and nice trip!
    what a dessert!

  • mavis

    With such a sweet tooth, it’s as will your genes keep you slim.
    The most decadent pudding I ever ate was ‘Death by Chocolate’ in Wales, more years ago than I care to remember, but I can still taste it.
    I love the pink ferry. Isn’t colour wonderful?