Time to count the UK

Here in the UK, we conduct a census every 10 years and today is census day.

I don’t know why some people make a fuss about the census – it’s not intrusive and it is important for the planning of public services.

Also it will give us accurate information on the population of the UK as a whole and each city, town and village. Most countries have only a rough idea of the size of their population.

One Comment

  • Wenjin Zhong

    Dear Mr Roger Darlington,

    Since year 2008 to year 2010, United Nation wiith Chinese goverment and British goverment opened the Law in JiaoLin Welfare Charity in Meizhou Guangdong from China until to present April year 2011,Chinese goverment has already had few censuses for several times in China, it is very good for chinese people.

    I really support for census in UK for the British people.

    Best regards.

    Wenjin Zhong


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