March for the Alternative

Today Vee and I went on the March For The Alternative in central London, an event organised by the Trades Union Congress to protest at the scale and speed of the cuts in public expenditure being implemented by the Coalition Government. It was a huge and noisy demonstration that was attended by an estimated 250,000.

We joined our son Richard, daughter-in-law Emily, and their 10-week old daughter Catrin. To be honest, we only walked from Blackfriars Bridge to Trafalgar Square – three hours was enough for us.

I signed up for text messages from the police which told an interesting story:
11.45 am The march has moved off early
12.51 pm The head of the march is now in Hyde Park
4.47 pm The rear of the march is in Piccadilly
5.25 pm Speeches at Hyde Park have now ended

Vee & Roger with Richard & Catrin

Richard & Emily with daughter Catrin

No cuts – or too far and too fast?

Cuts to the National Health Service the most painful

Giant scissors below Big Ben

One Comment

  • Suzan Cole

    Pretty grim across the pond also.
    Can only hope that the voters will have seen the errors of their voting in the last election and will become more informed before voting the next time.
    Loving Catrin and the fact that she is already a political activist!


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