Should we be worried about a nuclear meltdown? (3)

It seems clear that the situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is more serious than ever and that the crisis is still far from under control – see here for up-date.

I’ve just received the following message from a long-time Japanese friend living in Tokyo:

“Dear Brother Roger & Vee: This is just to say to you “Hello” before possible trouble of our net-work system for short/medium term. We are doing fine so far though less convenient living environment owing to day-and-night aftershocks and worsened grave concern over the nuclear power plant disaster spreading radioactivity, even over here in Tokyo though slightly. I would say again so far so good, of course, far better than those in the stricken areas and people. Thank you for your kind attention and very best wishes to you, family and our mutual friends in UK.”


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