Baby Catrin: progress report (4)

Well, last night I had a new experience: for the first time in my 62 years, I babysat alone for a one month old (I don’t remember doing that even for my own son Richard at such a tender age).  The baby was, of course, my beautiful granddaughter Catrin and the occasion was the first opportunity for her parents Rich & Emily to have a little quality time on their own (belatedly) celebrating Valentine’s Day over a romantic dinner.

I was over there for about four and a half hours and I was alone with Catrin for around two and a half hours. I changed one nappy before they went and another while they were away, so I think that I’ve now reached a reasonable level of competency in this sticky department.

Despite my best efforts, Catrin was not willing to go to sleep in the Moses basket, so she slept in my arms as I sat on the couch (and I confess that I slept a bit too). I think that my heartbeat and breathing reassured her and I delighted in listening to her breathing and little snorts. On their return, Rich told me: “She’s got you round her little finger”. You know what? – he’s absolutely right.

It was trusting of Rich & Emily to let me look after Catrin at one month old but they knew that I could be trusted. Don’t tell them, but I loved it and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity. Catrin is such an absolute sweetie.


  • Vojta

    Well done grandpa!

  • Josee

    So lovely! Seems like you both enjoyed it!!! And did her parents also have a good time?

  • tamara

    You are so perfect grandpa
    love Tamara

  • Mavis


    This reminded me of my Mam, when a baby would not go to sleep in a cradle (as it was then) an old clock which still ticked was put into the basket – result, baby slept.

    Guess what, it also worked for puppies and kittens when they were separated from their parent.

    Tick = Heartbeat!!!!!!!

  • Jennifer

    Mavis, I never heard of a clock, but I’ll add it my list for my 4 month old! So far we have used the hairdryer, hoover, extractor fan and – a more recent discovery – making a droaning sound like a long, extended moan!


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