Baby Catrin: progress report (3)

Vee and I had a lovely time on Sunday when Richard & Emily came over with their baby Catrin. They gave us a hinged double frame – one side had a photograph of Catrin and the other had a plaster mould of her foot print and hand print. The five of us went for a delicious lunch at a local tea house called “The Doll’s House On The Hill”.

I changed my second nappy. One more and I think I get my proficiency certificate. The training is for my babysitting on Thursday evening so that Rich & Emily can have a little time together over a romantic dinner just after Valentine’s Day.

Meanwhile Catrin is four weeks old and I know I’m biased but I think that this latest photograph shows her at her most gorgeous yet.

One month old now


  • jennifer

    I don’t think bias is the reason she looks beautiful – it’s just an objective truth! Nothing subjective about it 🙂

  • Andy

    Great photo. She’s ALMOST as beautiful as my granddaughter.

    Glad you’re getting plenty of ‘hands on’ experience of the grand-parenting lark.

  • tamara

    she is absolutely gourgeous
    love Tamara

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks so much, guys.

    My Jewish friends say that I am ‘schlepping nachas’ which – having checked online – I find freely translated from Yiddish means ‘carrying joy’.

    Yep – that’s me alright.

  • Ronnie Landau

    Hey Roger

    It should be ‘shep (not ‘shlep’) naches’ (more usual transliteration than ‘nachas’). It means ‘derive – or receive – joy’ (especially pleasure from a family member’s achievements, qualities etc). ‘Shlepping’, on the other hand, used intransitively, is something I do on the Northern Line most days!

    Yours pedantically

    Ronnie (aka nudnick*)
    *an obtuse, irritating or bothersome pest!
    PS MY daughter is expecting TWINS – in May. Take that!

  • Marcia

    And this Jew is happy to remind you not to worry–you can never carry *too* much naches! [Too many nachos? Now that’s something else…]

  • Roger Darlington

    What would I do without my Jewish friends to advise me on Yiddish and so much else.

    And lucky you, Ronnie. I’m married to a twin – and it’s a special relationship!

  • Hamid & Halima

    Roger, don’t flatter yourself too much! You need some lessons to perform better babysitting duties on Thursday. You have not impressed her enough, (photo one month old). Mind your nose and watch her fist!

    Looking at her photos Catrin is growing beautifully. May God Bless her with wonderful health and exceptional future to make all of you proud. Hamid & Halima.

  • Hamid & Halima

    Roger you have to work harder to impress Catrin. Have another look at her photo (one month old). Mind your nose and watch her fist !

    She is growing beautifully.God bless her with wonderful health and fantastic future to make all of you proud. Lots of kisses for Catrin.


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