A review of the new Netflix film “Rogue Agent”

This Netflix movie is a small work in the sense that there are no special effects or great cinematography and no real action sequences, but it tells an interesting story which is based on a real case.

Robert Freegard was an imposter and conman who pretended to be an MI5 agent and swindled a succession of victims of significant sums of money. He is played convincingly by James Norton and, if his victims – mainly vulnerable women – seem gullible, you have to remember that the film only shows a portion of what actually happened. A favourite actress of mine, freckled-faced Gemma Arterton, portrays his nemesis, a lawyer who becomes wise to his ways and determined to track him down.

The film concludes with brief information on Freegard’s conviction, imprisonment and – amazingly – release. Since the film was made, he has been indicted for alleged crimes in France.

Link: Wikipedia page on Robert Freegard click here


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