Holiday in Chile (7): on to Patagonia 

On our last morning in Puerto Varas (Monday), just after after 10 am local time (4 pm London time), we learned that back home in the UK there was only one nomination for the Conservative Party leadership election so now Rishi Sunsk is Prime Minister – the third occupant of No 10 in two months and our first PM of Asian descent. 

We had a free morning, so Silvia and I visited a really strange museum called Museo Pablo Fierro named after the local curator and painter. The fairytale-like lakeside building houses a surprising fusion of the traditional Chilote culture of the Chiloé Archipelago with that of the German farmers who made this corner of South America their home in the 1850s. 

Silvia and I had lunch in the centre before the group left Puerto Varas to return to  Puerto Montt for a flight to Patagonia, the fourth and final segment of our trip. 

That flight, south to Punta Arenas in southern Patagonia, took just under two hours. We were met by a coach and immediately transported to Puerto Natales which is 250 km (155 miles) north west. This journey took two and three quarter hours so it was 11.10 pm when we arrived at Hotel Costaustralis on a dark, cold, windy night. 


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