Holiday in Chile (6): the Lake District 

Using Puerto Varas as our base, Sunday was another wonderful day in which we visited three major locations In Chile’s endlessly picturesque Lake District. Although it was chilly in Chile at first and certainly up the volcano, the weather was otherwise excellent. 

First, we drove over to the Osorno Volcano and up a very winding road as high as an elevation of 1,200 metres (almost 4,000 feet).  At this height, the mist constantly came and went, making amazing patterns. I tried to walk a bit further up but the pathway quickly disappeared beneath black volcanic ash and then slippery white ice.  In the cafe there, I sampled lemon pie. 

Second, we had a boat trip on Lake Todos Los Santos with fabulous views of surrounding volcanoes and mountains, most notably Osorno Volcano. I talked with a Canadian couple who work in the travel business and they told me that they had been to around 120 countries!  At 85, I still have a way to go …

Third, we had a splendid time at Petrohue Falls in Parque National Vicente Perez Rosales where there are marvellous views of different cascades and flows. The majority of the greenish tint of the water comes from glacial meltwater containing mineral debris. Silvia and I had some lunch here.  

We left our hotel at 9 am and were back at 4.30 pm after a full but joyous day. Silvia & I had dinner at the hotel with Sue: good food, good company, good night. 


  • Maria Jose Risco

    Good morning mister Darlington! I am from Chile, and I love read about your journey across my country. I wish that enjoy the beautiful landscapes and tasty the local gastronomy.

  • Roger Darlington

    Thank you very much.


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