A review of the new film “House Of Gucci” – set to win awards

Any film directed by Ridley Scott – now in his mid 80s – is worth seeing and he has given us some absolute classics such as “Alien”, “Blade Runner”, “Thelma & Louise” and “Black Hawk Down”. Most of his movies are action stories but “House Of Gucci” is different. This is a film about character – like his previous offering “All The Money In The World” – and, though the real life story is set in the fashion industry, it is not a work about fashion but a examination of family and business rivalry. Starting in 1978, it is set over 20 years in a world of glamour and greed. 

At the heart of the intrigue is Patrizia Reggiani played by Lady Gaga. Now we knew that Lady Gaga could act because she was brilliant in the latest version of “A Star Is Born”. But, in that movie she was playing an likeable American singer on the ladder to success and in real life she is of course an American singer who has achieved stunning success. This time she is portraying an Italian office manager who is a much more complex and much less appealing character with shades of “Lady Macbeth” and she is terrific in the role. 

“House Of Gucci” though is a film overflowing with talent: Adam Driver as the awkward Maurizio, heir to 50% of Gucci; Jeremy Irons as his stern father Rudolfo; the veteran and venerable Al Pacino as Rudolfo’s brother Aldo who owns the other 50% of the company; an almost unrecognisable Jared Leto as Aldo’s hapless son Paolo; Salma Hayek as a manipulative clairvoyant. Even the minor roles are expertly cast. The dialogue, the delivery, the costumes, the sets, the music – everything is constructed with consummate skill. No detail is overlooked. This truly is a workshop in brilliant movie making. 

It is a long work of 2 hours 38 minutes and it will not be to the taste of those who need car chases and explosions in their films, but it is a delight to see Ridley Scott at the peak of his form.


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