How many covid deaths have there been now?

Each evening on the BBC’s News At Ten”, it announces the latest daily death toll but, for a long time now, it has failed to mention the total number of deaths.

That figure for the UK, as of today, is 132,485. That’s almost twice the number of non-combatants killed in this country in the Second World War.

Yet, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, we were told that 20,000 deaths would be a “good result”. We need to remember that and to acknowledge that, even with a high rate of vaccination, the pandemic is still far from over.

Similarly the news in the UK from time to time mentions spikes in deaths in other countries but gives no consistent overall coverage of what is happening around the world.

Total deaths are now over 4.5 million. That is something like twice the total number of deaths occasioned by the Vietnam War between 1954-1975. The three countries with the highest death tolls are the United States (637,000), Brazil (579,000) and India (438,000).

In truth, the figures for Brazil and India and for the world as a whole are probably underestimates and, of course, the pandemic is still running.

Stay safe. Stay well.


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