The joy of writing and the challenge of the short story

I’ve always enjoyed writing.

For 59 years now, I’ve kept a daily diary. Some 36 years ago, I even wrote a book: a biography of a Second World War night fighter pilot. I write a lot on my website – especially book reviews and film reviews. But all this is non-fiction: my life, someone else’s life, and other people’s books and films.

Twelve years ago, I wondered if I could write fiction and set out to write a short story or two. In the end, I wrote 31 short stories. Since then, they’ve just been sitting on my website.

But I’ve decided that it might be fun to have these stories collected into a book so, over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been busy editing and curating the stories. Given the events of the last year, I particularly enjoyed rereading “The Day Of Reckoning”.

You might like to check out some of my stories, maybe starting with the one that I’ve highlighted (remember: it was written in 2010). If, as a result, you think that you’d be interested in the book, just let me know.


  • Jim Moher

    Very good, Roger. Quite an unusual twist.
    The ending needs firming up. A bit more
    about the alien (the creator and destroyer)
    to make it more credible. But nice story, worth
    publishing. Jim

  • Roger Darlington

    Thanks, Jim.


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