A review of the 2017 film “Molly’s Game”

When you’re about to see a movie written and directed by Aaron Sorkin – creator of the wonderful television series “The West Wing” – you know what to expect: lots of fact-laiden dialogue delivered in snappy style and rapid cutting betweeen multifarious characters. There is plenty of these trademark features in “Molly’s Game” but also a cracking story and fine acting.

The titular character is real life Molly Bloom who hosted elite poker games in Los Angeles until the FBI came knocking. She is portrayed by Jessica Chastain who never gives anything but a strong performance (think “Zero Dark Thirty”), but there is an excellent support cast too, including Kevin Costner as Molly’s psychologist father and Idris Elba as her reluctant lawyer.

Sorkin’s film is based on Bloom’s memoir which reveals few actual names. If ever she decided to reveal all … 

Link: Wikipedia page on Molly Bloom click here


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