The depths of the south-west

England is one of those countries where it is much easier to travel north-south than it is to journey east-west. I was reminded of the situation this week when I travelled by train from London to Bridgwater to attend a conference on next generation access or super-fast broadband.

Now Bridgwater is not actually that far west, but door-to-door the outward journey took me four and half hours (with train delays) and the return trip took me five hours (with a train cancellation).

At least the scenery in Somerset was wonderful and the weather was glorious. The place names around there are quaint; between Bristol and Bridgwater, the train stopped at Nailsea & Backwell, Yatton, Worle, Weston Milton, Weston-super-Mare and Highbridge & Burnham.

Also I started to read an excellent novel called “The Glass Room” by Simon Mawer.


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