Enjoying the different versions of “His Dark Materials”

It’s great that at the weekend BBC One began broadcasting an eight-part television adaptation of the first novel in the brilliant “His Dark Materials” trilogy by Philip Pullman.

I really admired the books:

  • “Northern Lights” – my review here
  • ‘The Subtle Knife” -my review here
  • “The Amber Spyglass” – my review here

The first novel was turned into a film called “The Golden Compass” [my review here], but it did not have critical success and the other two books were never filmed.

Also I saw the two-part stage production at London’s National Theatre.

The BBC adaptation gives eight hours rather than the two in the movie to a portrayal of “Northern Lights” (or “The Golden Compass”, as it is known in the US), it maintains the anti-clerical stance of the novel which was rather lost in the film, and it makes a point of using some black actors.

Today’s “Guardian” newspaper has a review headlined:  “a riveting realisation of Philip Pullman’s magic”.


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