Holiday in the Balkans (4): forest and monastery

Tuesday in Montenegro started in Kolasin in the mountains in early morning when it was just 4C and ended in Petrovac on the coast where it was a balmy 22C.

First we visited the National Park of Biogradska Gora which is one of only three primeval forests in Europe.  The trees here are around four hundred years old. We had a most enjoyable one hour stroll around Biogradsko Lake but the low water level was yet another indication of climate change. Then we returned to Kolasin for a coffee break and Kathleen and I shared a small pizza. 

Next stop close by was Moraca Monastery which was founded in 13th century by the Serbian prince Stefan Vukanovic Nemanji and centres on a small church with frescoes from 16th & 17th centuries.  Then we travelled by a spectacular limestone ravine down to the Adriatic coast to Petrovic nad Moru which is part of the so-called Budva Riviera where we are staying at Hotel Riva for five nights.

This delightful little coastal town has a promenade with hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops plus a beach and remarkable stratified cliffs. Sunset was glorious and later we even saw a shooting star. And, at a local restaurant for dinner, I found a banana split.


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