Summer in the city

For several weeks now, most of Britain has been expriencing exceptionally hot weather. Yesterday temperatures reached 33C (91F) across an area of central and southern England stretching from Hereford to Bedfordshire.Temperatures of 52C and 47C were recorded unofficially on London buses and the tube.
As a result, I have abandoned my ususal jacket and tie and simply worn a short-sleeved shirt, however formal the meeting. Also I’ve taken to carrying a bottle of water with me on the Underground which is simply sweltering.
According to the Meteorological Office, there is a 30% chance that today will be the hottest day ever recorded in the UK, surpassing the 38.5C (101F) recorded in Brogdale, near Faversham, Kent, in August 2003. An area of central England stretching from the Welsh border along the M4 corridor to Cambridge is likely to be worst affected, thanks to a front of hot air moving from continental Europe and the absence of cooling sea breezes.
Today’s “Mirror newspaper” carries 101 tips on how to keep cool.
Now it may be different for you. I know that NightHawk has readers all around the UK and even dotted around the world. So – how is it for you?

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  • Mavis

    I live in the North East and we, recorded 29c at noon today, in the garden. Thank goodness a cooling breeze has arisen at 3pm and long may it last. The breeze I mean.
    If these hot summers continue, I shall be moving to Shetland.