Trade union rights under attack worldwide

I spent 24 years working as a national trade union official and I regard independent trade unions as an essential component of a genuine democracy. But worldwide trade unions and trade unionists are under attack.

Today in Geneva the International Trade Union Confederation is releasing to the world the results of its annual Global Rights Index.  The picture it paints is not a pretty one:   

Trade unionists were murdered in ten countries – Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Italy, Pakistan, the Philippines, Turkey and Zimbabwe. 
85% of countries have violated the right to strike. 
80% of countries deny some or all workers collective bargaining.
The number of countries which exclude workers from the right to establish or join a trade union increased from 92 in 2018 to 107 in 2019.
Workers had no or restricted access to justice in 72% of countries.
The number of countries where workers are arrested and detained increased from 59 in 2018 to 64 in 2019.
Out of 145 countries surveyed, 54 deny or constrain free speech and freedom of assembly.
Authorities impeded the registration of unions in 59% of countries.
Workers experienced violence in 52 countries. 

You can now download the full report here.


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