And now there are 24 seeking to be the Democratic candidate in 2020

I’ve already blogged four times on the ever-growing field of those who wish to be elected as the Democratic candidate in the United States presidential election of 2020.

The latest – and tallest – to declare is New York mayor Bill de Blasio. This brings the current field to an incredible 24.

Of course, we have not had any hustings yet, let alone actual primaries or caucuses, so it very early days. But “Rolling Stone” magazine has helpfully ranked the 24 in the order the publications thinks the candidates currently stand in terms of popularity with Democrat supporters.

Joe Biden – with lots of support from older Democrats – is clearly in the lead with Bernie Sanders – who has lots of backing from young voters – in second position. Then come two female candidates: Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.

You’ll find the full ranking here.


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