Only two more days to the US mid-term elections

I’ve been following this year’s mid-term elections in the United States like no other. Never have I seen a sitting president campaigning so hard in such elections, but Trump knows that these elections are all about him.

In a piece in today’s “Observer” newspaper, Simon Tisdall explains that:

“Set against the overwhelming weight of historical precedent, political experience and poll predictions, logic suggests Trump and the Republicans should lose on Tuesday, possibly big time. But will they?”

He points out that:

” … if the political world has learned anything since Trump’s shock victory in 2016, it is that traditional indicators must be taken with a barrow-load of salt. Trump does not behave like a conventional politician, for the simple reason that he is not one. His midterm campaign tactics have surpassed, in crudeness, the worst excesses of his most cynical White House predecessors.”

Just two days to go … Meanwhile, if you’d like an explanation of how the American political system works, you can read my guide here.


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