Could China invade Taiwan?

As if the world needed any more to worry about, the “Guardian” today has an article which begins:

“China could do to Taiwan what Russia did to Crimea if Beijing’s relations with Washington, strained by an expanding trade war and military rivalry in the East and South China seas, deteriorate further. The warning from maritime security experts follows a series of recent Chinese moves to put pressure on Taiwan’s pro-independence government.”

The piece concludes:

“The worry now is that China, aware of Trump’s vulnerability over North Korea, angry at his tariff war and sensing his lack of interest in the western Pacific’s military balance may be tempted to test US resolve over Taiwan. Inviting the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, to the White House in a phone call last week, Trump appeared to have forgiven and forgotten all about Crimea. So how safe, really, is Taiwan?”

You can check out the article here.


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