What would really help consumers of essential services?

This is the title of a conference which I am putting together and which I will chair in my capacity as Chair of the Essential Services Access Network (ESAN).

At its heart and as its name implies, ESAN is a unique network bringing together regulators and ombudsmen on the one hand and consumer and voluntary groups on the other hand in four essential sectors. These sectors are water, energy, communications, and financial services.

Our conference will be held on 12 March 2018 at the BT Tower. You can see the outline programme for the event and book a place here.


  • Nadine Wiseman

    Hello Roger

    We are having a hot summer here and I have been worrying about the impact climate change, and consequential increases in heat-waves, bush fires, storms etc are going to have within the next couple of decades. Whatever the impacts, they will affect the poor and vulnerable the most. A heatwave in southern Australia last week (max 47 deg C in parts of Sydney) impacted heavily on homeless people for instance.

    So I am glad to see your first topic of discussion will address environmental challenges.

  • Roger Darlington

    I think climate change is going to affect more people more dramatically than any other factor in the coming decades. It needs to be on every agenda.


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