What are the prospects for Africa in 2018 – and does anyone care?

Over the years, I’ve been to Africa 8 times and visited eight countries (Kenya four times). But the continent is home to no less than 54 nations and, in. terms of the world’s media, very under-reported.

In this short article, the Africa correspondent of the “Guardian” newspaper briefly reviews the state of the continent and the position in some major countries. He concludes:

“Washington’s interest in Africa is minimal, with scores of top official policy-making and ambassadorial posts still unfilled.

China, though its attitudes and interventions are frequently misrepresented, retains a strong focus on the continent. France is likely to try to expand outside its traditional sphere of influence – as signalled by President Emmanuel Macron in November.

The UK will look to historic ties in places like Zimbabwe or Nigeria to project influence post-Brexit, though it may find imperial nostalgia or the advantages of the anglosphere have less attraction in Bulawayo or Abuja than in Tunbridge Wells.”


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