Should we be supporting Israel? (1)

My good friend Eric Lee – who, for many years, lived in Israel – has written an eloquent and passionate piece about the current situation in the Middle East. I personally feel that the Israelis have overeacted to the blatant provocation to which they have been subject and I do not believe that everything possible is being done to spare innocent Palestian lives, but I support utterly Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself and it certainly did not instigate the current round of conflict.


  • Dana

    The problem with many of Israel’s Arab neighbors is that unlike you, they oppose Israel’s right to exist and have been trying since its inception to figure out a way to keep it from existing. This editorial was also in my newspaper:

  • Ann nonimous

    You might want to ask why 2 Palestinian Doctors were kidnapped 2 days before Hamas attack a tank strolling into Gaza, and took a prisoner of War…
    Mindless, jingoistic commentary, with partisan poltics such as yours which shows an underlying and fundamentally flawed understanding of the whole isreal/palestine issue, has no place on the internet.
    Commentary which is biased either by ignorence or by intent does nothing to pacify the situation and only serves to stur up anti Arab sentament and pander to zionist ideologies…
    Do some basic research… rather than you ‘my mate say’s’ alligories…

  • Nick

    Ann nonimous, perhaps you could provide some references for the kidnap of two Palestinian doctors and the Hamas attack on a tank “strolling into Gaza.”
    I find it interesting that you consider Dana’s (or Roger’s?) views “have no place on the Internet.” Where should views opposed to your own be expressed?

  • Dana Huff

    Nick, thanks for the defense, but I think it was directed at Roger. “Ann’s” cowardly inability to stand behind her words with a real name has no place on the Internet. As to whether “she” provided a real e-mail address enabling Roger to respond, Roger would have to answer that. I have grown more and more tired of this type of schoolyard bully behavior — it reminds me of a child who sneaks up behind someone, slaps them, then runs away. It is really immature and cowardly.
    And you’re right about expressing dissenting views, too, Nick.
    When did “Zionist” become a dirty word? I can’t imagine that if most people knew that Zionism is fundamentally the concept that Israel has a right to exist that they would bandy it about like being a Zionist is something nasty. I think there is a lot of misinformation out there, but this Wikipedia article is good: