Why is there nothing as good as “Madam Secretary” about British politics?

OK, it’s not as superlative as “The West Wing”, my all-time favourite television series. But “Madam Secretary” is good television. Like “The West Wing”, it deals with political issues that have a real-life basis and it represents politicians as basically honourable and trying to to the right thing. And women both originated the series and fill the eponymous role (Barbara Hall and Tea Leoni respectively).

This evening, on Sky Living, the final episode (number 23) of the latest series (number 3) of “Madam Secretary” was broadcast. It dealt with the role of NATO in the face of a resurgent Russia attempting an invasion of Bulgaria. There have now been a total of 68 episodes and I’ve seen them all. I’m pleased that a fourth series has been commissioned and I look forward to it.

But why is there no British fictional series that treats politics seriously and politicians as basically decent?

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  • Brian Saunders

    Hi Roger, I’ve commented before on our common interest and enjoyment of “Madam Secretary”. I thought the Russia/Bulgaria episode was particularly good. Only came across the shift of the now about to end series recently, due to the switch of channels. Would welcome info on when the next series starts and on which channel, should you get to know!

    Kind Regards,


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