Lost without “Lost”?

If – like me – you’ve watched the first two series of “Lost” on Channel Four, you’ll be keen to view the next two series on Sky – starting with a doule bill at 10 pm tonight. And if – like me – you find it hard to remember (let alone understand) all the twists and turns, you’ll find this handy revision guide in last week’s “Observer” newspaper a useful aid.
There are two themes that particularly appeal to me.
First, there is the intellectual one about the nature of society: “‘The entire show,’ says Lindelof, ‘is really about the dichotomy that exists in any scenario that would unfold like this. Mankind needs to split into two factions. We felt that people would either evolve towards faith – “OK, we crashed on this island and we’re all here for a purpose” – or towards reason – “There was a mechanical difficulty, the plane crashed and here we are. We’re fucked and we have to make the best of it”.'”
Second, there is the emotional one about who gets to get off with whom: “‘Sayid snogged Shannon, who everybody knows snogged Boone who was her stepbrother but he’s dead now and Jack wanted to snog Kate but couldn’t because he’s too nice and Sawyer did too but Kate wouldn’t and Charlie has been gagging to snog Claire and now he has. Kate and Charlie are snogging in real life. And Walt’s lost his beloved dog.'”
Not to mention the numbers,the hatches, the Dharma Initiative, the Hanso Foundation, the Others, and that polar bear ….

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  • Richard Leyton

    Woe is me! We’ve no Sky One, and no intention of signing up for Sky.
    Just going to have to wait until the DVD’s are released (Although ‘lovefilm‘ will no doubt be inundated with people requesting it). A real shame it’s moved off of the terrestrial channels.
    Will be interested in your thoughts on the new series as I’ve read a few less than complimentary comments elsewhere.