24: The Movie

I’m a fan of the American television series “24”. I never watch it as it is broadcast weekly on television, but instead watch it on DVD when I can miss the adverts and watch several episodes at a time. This weekend, I started watching season three. In fact, I managed to watch a total of seven episodes (it was too hot to do much else).
If you share my enthusiasm, you’ll be interested to know that a film of “24” is being planned. The script will be written by Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow who are the creators of the hit television series. The plan is to start writing tha script in late summer as production begins on the sixth season. If the ratings for season six are good, then the movie will get the go ahead in early 2007 and shooting will take place in spring and summer 2007 between seasons six and seven.
The intention is to abandon the real-time aspect of the television series which will open up more narrative possibilities. Sounds good to me …