The birthday girls

My wife Vee has her birthday this Monday and, by a remarkable coincidence, so does her twin sister Mari. So this weekend has marked the start of a three-day celebration involving various members of the family.
One element of the celebrations was a Saturday night dinner at Vee’s favourite local restaurant: “Incanto” at Harrow-on-the-Hill.

Vee & Mari – sisters and twins

The guys at “Incanto” organised a special celebratory collection of desserts, served on a platter with a chocolate inscription to Vee and Mari.

Special birthday dessert

On Sunday afternoon, there were more celebrations – this time with family members – and candles were lit.

A candle for each decade


  • Alex

    Happy Birthday, Vee and Mari.
    Did Roger eat most of the birthday dessert? They seem gorgeous. Certainly, the two young ladies seem very beautiful as well.

  • Roger Darlington

    I confess that I did eat more than my share of the desserts – but you know my sweet tooth (and I was helping the girls keep slim!).

  • Janet

    Nice pictures of an obviously very enjoyable weekend for all.
    We were eating Italian at the weekend too – in Milan, and on Friday night were even eating al fresco. Yesterday I was in your neck of the woods, delivering to a customer in Harrow, but din’t have time to find “Incanto”, and had to make do with a quick lunch at “Noodle City” in Station Road. I was pleasantly surprised by both the food and the bill, and it made a break before my three and a half hour drive home again!

  • Roger Darlington

    Milan beats Harrow any day! – but I’ll be back in Paris next weekend.

  • Catherine

    Happy Birthday to Vee and her twin Mari. It was my birthday this month too, and that of MY twin sister Anne-Marie too!

  • Roger Darlington

    These coincidences are amazing, Catherine. Belated birthday wishes to you both.