What is it with labyrinths?

Almost everyone I know believes – always sincerely and often passionately – things about which I am (to be kind) deeply skeptical and which (to be less kind) I suspect are crackers. There are countless examples of such beliefs and I think that I’ll have to write an essay on the subject for my web site. But, for today, let me just mention the latest phenomenon to be put to me by someone who is enormously intelligent, fluent and personable but seemingly on a different planet from me.
I refer to the labyrinth. Now this can be an attractive and appealing art form but is is more? Is it an expression of sacred geometry that connects man with God? Does walking a labyrinth induce a metaphysical experience in the walker? If so, how should one interpret this experience?
If the subject interests you, check out Labyrinthos, Labyrinth Enterprises or The Labyrinth Society.