U.S. presidential election (8): no less than 20 politicians now declared as candidate for their party’s nomination

My last posting on the American presidential election was a month ago when I noted that the number of candidates in the two parties had risen to 15. That number is now an incredible 20 – five Democrats and 15 Republicans. You can see the full list here.

On the Democratic side, all the excitement is coming from the better than expected performance of Bernie Sanders, but nobody expects him to win the party nomination. Hillary Clinton is widely expected to do that. Meanwhile my American friend, a strong supporter of Sanders, has written about the need to turn the presidential campaign into a sustained mass movement. You can read his piece here.

On the Republican side, the most recent development was the ridiculous assertion from Donald Trump – who managed to evade the Vietnam draft – that former presidential Republican candidate John McCain was not a war hero. But again nobody expects Trump to win his party’s nomination. Currently there is no clear runner but Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are expected to do well.

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